7 Useful tools for Web development, that every developer needs.

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One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a developer is to work smarter and not harder. The best way to work by this rule is to use the best web development tools that make your content more productive and simplify your life. In this article, we’ll look at seven different tools that I use personally that you may or may not have heard of. These are just some of the top variety of tools available that are required & very helpful for web development. Though there are many more that you can one can use for web development.

1.Visual Studio code

So our first tool which is a text editor or an IDE and is a very well-known tool which is called visual studio code. Furthermore VS code is one of the most popular and one of the best tools for web development. It is mostly said as one of the best IDEs for Web Development. So there are a lot of reasons why it is the best and the first is that it’s available for all the major OS like windows, MAC, and Linux. Along with it, it has a wide set of extensions. For Instance, it already has an inbuilt extension for node.js as well as it has an extension for other languages like c sharp, PHP, or java.

Key features

The top features that VS Code provides are it has inbuilt intelligence that is basically when you type in a keyword it automatically completes this and also highlights the keywords and the other variable and data types.

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Now comes the debugger it has an inbuilt debugger that you can connect with your running application or your created application and you can set up breakpoints to test the application and then debug it and then correct it. Additionally, it has an inbuilt git connection.


The second tool that we are going to look into is React which is a javascript framework. So, first of all, it is gaining popularity in the year 2020 in the front-end Development world. It was created by Facebook and once it was created it gained popularity in a very short period of time.

Key features

One of the reasons it got popular is react native which is a mobile application platform. So what it does, it combines the capabilities of react as native computing Capabilities. Basically, you can create an application for android ios and the web using react-native. It has a virtual DOM, or you might have heard of the Data Object Model. Which works like let’s say you have hosted a website using react, and now you are trying to make changes in the website, so the modifications you made will be re-rendered & you’ll get a new version of the website


The next web development tool that we are going to discuss is Django. It is a python based web framework that is used to do a quick development of APIs and Web Applications.

Key features

It offers an amazing capability of creating Back end Web Applications with minimal coding because it uses python. As we know python is the most used and one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

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the other feature that makes Django popular is security. Django Takes security very seriously that it already provides SQL injection, ClickJacking, and Cross Side Scripting.

Next comes scalability, it provides lots of scalabilities that you can scale up the site automatically using Django.


Our next tool is a CSS Framework called bootstrap. It is one of the most popular and one of the most used CSS Frameworks. Bootstrap was created by Twitter and Bootsrap basically comprises HTML, CSS, jQuery, and javascript. You can use it to make a dynamic website out of nothing. Because they already have pre-built codes. One can directly use them to create their own website even a beginner in web development can start off with Bootstrap with various cool features.

Key features

As I already mentioned there are various inbuilt components and classes. For instance, if you want to add a navigation bar to your website, it already has an inbuilt code that you can directly integrate with your HTML.

Additionally, if you want a button of a certain colour for a certain purpose it again has a class for that.

Even if you want either of the dark or colour mode, you can get features for that too. you can implement them in your code.

If you want an album on your web page, you can go ahead with the “one-page template” that Bootstrap provides for albums so it has a complete template. You just have to choose a template and use it on your website. It even allows you to make any changes to the code automatically.


Yarn was created by Facebook. It got popular in the industry because of its superior speed and reliability compared to the other package managers.

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Key features

Yarn provides workspaces, where you can split a project into multiple sub-components within a repository itself.

Another feature is its compatibility in reading from multiple registries such as npm, NuGet, etc. You can also connect your GitHub repository to upload packages from there as well.


Now, our next tool is a git client. Obviously, the popular tool is GitHub, which is a version control tool. It uses the git workflow. GitHub is a subsidiary of Microsoft since the year 2018.

Key features

It allows users to collaborate easily with their development team with open source project makers. Apart from source code hosting, there are other features to GitHub as well.

The first one is GitHub actions which can be used to create CI/CD pipelines which are continuous integration and continuous deployment. These are used for building, testing, hosting, or deploying the user’s application on the server.

One can also directly host small blogs using GitHub.

GitHub also has a Web GUI and a local CLI.

7.Adobe Dreamweaver

The next tool that we’ll look into is a web designing tool called Adobe Dreamweaver. It is one of the most popular web designing tools available.

Key features

First of all, it provides the user with two different kinds of editors i.e. the Visual editor and the HTML editor.

Secondly, it has an in-Built Git Client that allows user to upload their source code directly from the dream weaver into the remote repository and vice versa.

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