Diploma in Microsoft windows operating system

Diploma in Microsoft Windows 11 Operating System

Learn how to enjoy a simplified and more positively secured experience with Microsoft Windows 11 in this free online course.

 Publisher: Rahul Kumar Sharma.

Windows 11, dubbed the ‘next-generation Windows’, is a free upgrade for consistent Windows 10 PCs. This course takes you on a tour of the gorgeous world of Windows 11. One by one, you’ll meet all the new elements provided by this redesigned operating system and become friends with all of its capabilities. You’ll then head to OneDrive, where you’ll find Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other apps that you may operate right from the app launcher.


Microsoft Windows is the medium used by more than a billion people worldwide to create, socialize, educate and work. This course is ideal for those who wish to master the most recent version of Windows to its fullest abilities. You’ll first learn how to upgrade your Windows for free and then you’ll discover its attractive interface and all the improvements it brings. After that, you’ll know how to customize the desktop and manage apps. You’ll go to ‘settings’ and explore several opportunities and functions before finding the best ways to keep your Windows secure, including running antivirus software and updating Windows drivers.

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After that, you will learn about a crucial part of Windows 11, Microsoft OneDrive, a cloud service that lets you store and share files safely with others. You’ll explore the app launcher and the applications utilized through OneDrive, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. You’ll understand how to create files, spreadsheets, presentations, and notes and save them to OneDrive. Finally, we will show Microsoft Forms and how to build forms surveys, using Outlook for emailing and collaborating.

This course supplies tips and tricks for improving your digital security and online privacy. You’ll begin by creating strong and complex passwords using the LastPass extension and allowing two-factor authentication (2 FA) for data and privacy security. Installing Security Software and Folder Guard is among the best advice for device security. This course trains you all you need to know to use Windows 11 as a professional and enjoy every minute you spend in front of a computer.


Learning to Use Windows 11

  • Learning to Use Windows 11 Through our experts – Learning Outcomes
  • Introduction to Microsoft Windows 11
  • Getting Started with Windows 11 
  • Windows 11 features
  • Windows 11 Settings
  • Recovery and other Settings pages
  • Windows 10 and 11 Maintenance
  • Learning to Use Windows 11 – Lesson Overview

Mastering OneDrive

  • Mastering OneDrive – Learning Outcomes
  • Microsoft OneDrive Basics
  • OneDrive Functions and Interface
  • Microsoft Word OneDrive
  • Microsoft Excel OneDrive
  • Microsoft PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Microsoft OneNote and Forms Survey in OneDrive
  • Mastering OneDrive – Lesson Summary

Security is Everything

  • Security is Everything – Learning Outcomes
  • Introduction to Security
  • Getting to Know the LastPass App
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Security is Everything – Lesson Summary
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Course assessment

  • Diploma in Microsoft Windows 11 Operating System – Course Examination


By the end of this course, you will be able to know all these things:

  1. Explain the features of Windows 11 and their settings
  2. Outline how to Utilize Windows App Store and manage applications
  3. State the functions and benefits of OneDrive
  4. Explain how to access and operate OneDrive and other Microsoft apps discovered in the app launcher
  5. List the components of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Forms Survey
  6. Define the terms ‘security’ and ‘privacy’
  7. Indicate the various security types
  8. Identify how to use LastPass and Authy
  9. Describe 2FA and its purpose
  10. Recognize how to keep devices, data, and privacy secure

Use Windows 11 like a pro

This course will help you become a pro-level operator for Windows, as well as help you find a job at an organization like Microsoft, Google, etc.

Ways to take this course

Choose your path when you enroll.

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