Facebook Ads for Beginners and Experts

Learn how effective Facebook Ad movements can change the course of your business in this free online course.

 Publisher: Rahul Kumar Sharma.

Having a business is a great achievement for many people, and they desire to be competitive. There is an ever-growing list of candidates, and business owners and managers have to brainstorm new ideas daily to remain relevant and acquire new customers. This free online Facebook Marketing course will guide you all about Facebook Ads which is not only a great way to attract new clients but also enables more traffic to your website.


This elementary Facebook marketing certification highlights the many advantages of advertising with Facebook and its beginner-friendly structure contains as much information as the potential to ensure that you have an in-depth understanding of how Facebook Ads work. Facebook is a famous social media network that has billions of users. The users on Facebook are very mixed, and as such, it is the perfect place to place an ad. You will learn what Facebook advertising is, the diverse types of campaign objectives, and the formula for creating effective Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads can contact a broad audience, and more importantly, most options to manage your ad campaign are already unrestricted in the Ad Manager, making it very user-friendly.

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In this Facebook Ads course, you will learn how e-commerce and dropshipping work utilizing the Facebook website. Facebook is well-known, manageable to use, and already has the connections people are demanding. Facebook Ads surface in various places, and it varies according to the type of device a person is using Facebook will direct a few questions to you to help formulate the ideal audience for your ad. This facility will guarantee that it is served/targeted at the intended customer and not open to the “masses”. Social media is now a monolithic form of contact for people and businesses. Likewise, advertisers need to know that they could see a healthy interest in investment through social platforms like Facebook advertising, and given that Facebook is a leader in the world of social media, orientation is guaranteed by advertising with them.

A business can never be too promising and industries are unpredictable. One day a business can be at the top, and the next day it is in debt. Enterprises have to always ensure that they forego competitors and are ahead of the market. Customers are unreliable, so it is wise for a business to create a relationship with its customers that flashes some loyalty. Many advertising methods are general, but social media platforms are becoming more popular than radio, television, and billboards connected. Facebook Ads can make a success of your business overnight and if you want more traffic to your website and are entertained using social media for advertising, then this free online Facebook digital marketing certificate will teach you how Facebook Ads and all the tools you need to master the medium and turn social media users into customers.

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Facebook Ads Mastery Introduction

  • Facebook Ads Mastery Introduction – Learning Outcomes
  • Facebook Ads Mastery
  • The Ultimate Facebook Formula
  • The Value Ladder
  • Finding your Ideal Customer
  • Facebook Ads Mastery Introduction – Lesson Summary

Facebook Ads Foundations

  • Facebook Ads Foundations – Learning Outcomes
  • Business Manager Overview
  • Ads Manager Walkthrough
  • Facebook Pixel Setup Walkthrough
  • Get Access to Competitor’s Facebook
  • Facebook Ads Foundations – Lesson Summary

Creating Profitable Facebook Ads

  • Creating Profitable Facebook Ads – Learning Outcomes 
  • Traffic Campaign Ad Setup
  • Traffic and PPE Ad Stacking
  • Lead Generation Ads
  • FB Ads, E-commerce, and Dropshipping
  • How to get Results for any Niche
  • FB Ads Naming Structure
  • Creating Profitable Facebook Ads – Lesson Summary

Creating Custom Facebook Audiences

  • Creating Custom Facebook Audiences – Learning Outcomes
  • FB Retargeting Overview and Audiences
  • Creating LAL Audiences
  • Best Types of Retargeting
  • Facebook Ads Optimization and Scaling
  • Creating Custom Facebook Audiences – Lesson Summary

Course assessment

  • Learn how to Master Facebook Ads for Newbies and Experts – Final Assessment data


By the end of this procedure, you will be able to fulfill these points:

  1. List the different stages of the Facebook market civilization
  2. Reveal how Facebook Ads are essential to any business
  3. State the formula for creating promising Facebook Ads
  4. Recall the general targeting demographic on Facebook
  5. List the various types of administrative permissions for advertising accounts
  6. Differentiate between Business Manager and Ads Manager
  7. Outline the various types of Facebook campaign purposes
  8. Explain how to create traditional Facebook audiences

Ways to take this course

Choose your path when you enroll.

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