10 bad habits you need to quit now

1: Smoking

Again, this one is a given. We all know that smoking kills but does it look like the smokers care? Not so much. Even if you are not a chain smoker and smoke only a cigarette a day, you still cause clots in your blood. This can develop plaques in the arteries by preventing a smooth flow of blood. Also, you affect the person who lives with you in a negative way.

2: Nose picking 

This is something everyone does and never thinks that it can harm anyone in a bad way. Satirised as ‘gold digging’, the habit of picking our nose is very unhealthy and can even land you in the hospital. When you touch various things, which may contain bacteria and viruses and then take the same finger in your nose, you make your body more prone to infections. If you pick your nose frequently, you are more prone to colds and flus as many viruses reach your body through the mucus. So, you must stop picking your nose right now. On a similar note, you should also not try to fetch the leftovers of foods in your mouth from your hand.

3: Binge drinking

This one should have gone without mentioning it here but there are many people who cannot rid themselves of the habit of binge drinking even when they know its side effects. Binge drinking, even once in a while, is not good for your health as it can cause long term problems in your liver and heart and can also cause immediate problems such as feeling dizzy, gaining weight and getting fatigued more easily. If you want to keep away from these problems, the only way out is by staying away from booze binge.

4: You do not sleep for even 7 hours

Many of us think that if we can make through the day with the least possible hours of sleep, it is all good. Many stay up late even when they have work the following day. Many students burn the midnight oil when exams are close and stay awake till dawn. We think it’s all good till we do not see any physical repercussions of our actions. But this is not true. If you sleep lesser than six hours for a long duration of time, chances are high that you will weaken your immunity and other bodily processes. When your immunity is weak, so is your body’s ability to produce germ fighters, hence, making it more prone to infections and diseases. Your body’s ability to fight them off is also severely impacted. So, it is advised that one should sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every day. This is essential for maintaining a good health.

5: Being negative

Stay positive and all shall be fine’, ‘positivity is everything’, ‘don’t be negative nancies’ yada yada. We all hear it every day. But we hear it because positivity isn’t merely hyped; it is actually a necessity to have a healthy body. One should never stress on the fact that they are so lonely, they have no friends, they have many problems in their life, and so on. This way you become stressed mentally and stress has physical repercussions too as it can weaken your immunity!

6: Wearing earphones for many hours 

Be it while ravelling, working out, working or studying, many of us have a habit of incessantly plugging in the earphones for multiple hours. This habit is really bad as it can spell hearing loss in the long run. Make sure that you do not spend hours with earphones plugged and keep the volume to an audible enough and not loud as that is the main culprit.

7: Carrying a heavy bag every time

We love to have everything we ‘may’ need right next to us, in our bags. From medicines to aroma oils, we do not want to skip on anything that can be direly needed at any point in our lives. But we must remember never to do this at the cost of our health. When we carry an extra heavy bag with us around, we stress our shoulders and back. We become more prone to long term issues like pain in the neck, back and posture problem. So, avoid doing that and empty your bag to a basic few things.

8: Sleeping with your makeup on

A lot of times women reach back home tired and all ready to hit the bed. Many do this without removing their makeup. This habit is hazardous to the skin as it can lead to clogged pores, spots and congested skin. Not removing eye makeup is worse because eyes are more sensitive and strong products can even cause vision loss if they are let to stay.

9: Eating even when not hungry 

If your eating pattern isn’t set, your body’s hunger signals will not come when they should. This way, you can eat even when you are not hungry. If you do this often, your body is flooded with extra calories. Often, the foods one binges are not healthy either. So, this habit can take a serious toll on one’s health by causing problems such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, acidity and so on!

10: Lying a lot

Well, we know this isn’t a class in morals and so, you may be surprised to know that if you have a habit of lying too often, you may affect your health in a negative way. This is because when you lie, you stay in a stressful state because you fear that the lie will be disclosed. The stress creates anxiety, headaches and many other problems.