Chetan Bhagat is a popular Indian author known for his contemporary fiction novels.

Here are ten Chetan Bhagat novels that teenagers may find relatable and inspiring for success:

 "Five Point Someone" - A story about three friends navigating college life and the challenges they face.

"The 3 Mistakes of My Life" A tale of friendship, love, and ambition set against the backdrop of cricket and entrepreneurship. 

"2 State" The Story of My Marriage" - A love story that explores the cultural differences and challenges faced by a couple from different states in India.

"Revolution 2020 Love, Corruption, Ambition" - A story of three friends dealing with love, corruption, and the pursuit of success in the city of Varanasi. 

"Half Girlfriend" A story about a boy from Bihar and a girl from Delhi who navigate their relationship and dreams in college. 

"One Indian Girl" The protagonist, a successful investment banker, challenges societal expectations and explores her personal and professional aspirations. 

"The Girl in Room 105" A suspenseful love story that revolves around a young man trying to solve a mystery and win back his lost love. 

"One Night @ the Call Center" The lives of six call center employees take an unexpected turn during one eventful night. 

"What Young India Wants" A collection of essays where Chetan Bhagat discusses the aspirations, concerns, and dreams of young Indians. 

"Making India Awesome" a book that showers light on India's most obstinate snags—unemployment, violence, poverty, discrimination against women, religious fundamentalism, illiteracy and communal violence. 

These novels touch upon various themes such as friendship, love, ambition, and societal issues, which can resonate with teenagers and inspire them in their pursuit of success.