Here are 10 Idioms related to the act of reading, along with their meanings:

Dive into a Book:  To become fully engrossed and absorbed in reading a book.

Between the Lines:  To understand or interpret the hidden or implied meanings in a text.

Page-Turner:  A book that is so engaging and captivating that it encourages the reader to keep turning the pages.

Read Between the Lines:  To understand or infer a deeper meaning or intention that is not explicitly stated.

Escape into Literature:  To find solace or distraction from reality by immersing oneself in books.

Well-Read:  Knowledgeable and informed due to extensive reading.

Dog-Eared Pages:  Pages in a book that have been folded over to mark a particular spot or passage.

Lost in a Book:  Engaged in reading to the extent that one becomes oblivious to the surroundings.

Ink on Paper:  Refers to the traditional form of reading from physical books, as opposed to digital formats.

Open a New Chapter:  To begin a new phase or period in one's life, often with a sense of excitement or change.

These Idioms capture different aspects of the reading experience and its significance.