Here are 15 programming languages that were relevant to AI as of my last update, and they may continue to be significant in 2024


Widely used in the AI and machine learning community, Python has extensive libraries and frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch.


Particularly popular for statistical computing and data analysis, R is widely used in AI for tasks involving data manipulation and visualization.

Known for its speed and performance, Julia is gaining traction in the AI community, especially for numerical computing and data science.



Developed by Apple, Swift is becoming increasingly popular for AI and machine learning, particularly for iOS and macOS applications.


Kotlin, interoperable with Java, is gaining popularity for Android app development and is making its way into AI applications.

Go (Golang)

Known for its simplicity and efficiency, Go is being used in various AI projects, especially for its concurrency support.


A superset of JavaScript, TypeScript is finding use in AI development, particularly for building web-based AI applications.


Scala's compatibility with Java and its functional programming capabilities make it a choice for AI projects.


Known for its strong typing and functional programming features, Haskell is used in certain AI applications.

C# (C Sharp)

Widely used in the development of Windows applications, C# is finding its place in AI, especially with the .NET ecosystem.


Though not as popular as it once was, Perl is still used in certain AI applications, especially for text processing.


Ruby, known for its elegant syntax, is utilized in AI projects, particularly for web development involving AI.


Often used in conjunction with Java, Groovy is employed in AI projects for its conciseness and expressiveness.


Dart, known for its use in Flutter for mobile app development, is gaining attention for AI development.


With its emphasis on performance, C++ is still relevant in AI, especially in applications where speed is crucial.