Top 5 Skills Needed in an Entry-level Job.

Top 5 Skills Needed in an Entry-level Job.

Communication Skills- Absolutely critical, communication skills in a way are the gatekeepers when it comes to securing a job.

Learnability- With businesses evolving at the speed of light, employers look for minds that can pick up quickly and run.

Curiosity- The early years are 90% about learning and nothing supports learning better than a curious mind. Ask. Ask. Ask.

Time Management- How we manage our time defines our future. For young professionals staring out, it’s important to manage their time well and this includes being disciplined and punctual, and also living up to commitments made.

Life-tech Skills- Today, employers expect young freshers to come prepared with a high degree of comfort when it comes to technology. No one is going to be able to spare time to reach you PowerPoint or Excel, mind you!