Determining the "smartest" animals can be complex and depends on various factors like cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, social behavior, and adaptability.

Here are ten animals often considered among the smartest in the world, based on their demonstrated abilities:

Chimpanzees:  Known for their problem-solving skills, tool use, and complex social structures.

Bottlenose Dolphins:  Highly intelligent marine mammals known for their communication, learning, and problem-solving abilities.

Elephants:  Exhibit advanced memory, social awareness, and problem-solving skills. They are also known for their ability to use tools.

African Grey Parrots:  Renowned for their impressive vocal mimicry and ability to associate words with meanings.

Octopuses:  Display remarkable problem-solving abilities, curiosity, and learning through observation.

Pigs:  Surprisingly intelligent animals with good memory, complex social behaviors, and adaptability.

Cephalopods (Squid and Cuttlefish): Like octopuses, these animals have demonstrated advanced problem-solving skills and learning abilities.

Border Collies:  Often considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds, they excel in agility, obedience, and understanding commands.

Rhesus Monkeys:  Display complex social structures and are capable of using tools and solving various cognitive tasks.

New Caledonian Crows:  Known for their tool-making and problem-solving skills, these birds are able to create and use tools for different purposes.

It's important to note that intelligence can manifest in various ways, and different animals excel in different areas. Also, ongoing research might lead to new insights into animal intelligence.