Python has indeed played a significant role in the writing of hacking scripts, exploits, and malicious programs. Python is a general - purpose programming language used in several development areas, and Network programming.


C has enabled hackers and security personnel to manipulate system resources and hardware, including RAM. Most Popular Os is the foundation of C languages like Windows, Unix kernel, and Linux.


SQL (Standard Query Language) is a programming language used to organize, add, retrieve, remove, or edit data in a database. Using SQL, hackers can perform an attack known as SQL injection, which will enable them to access confidential information.


Javascript supports backend development posing stiff competition to PHP. To hackers, this means a broader field of exploitation. Understanding Javascript gives you a higher privilege in Web exploitation.


Having In-depth Knowledge of PHP can Help Ethical hackers to Find & Take Down Faulty Website. So It is always advised to use the latest version of PHP for Increasing the security of our Website.


A lot of backdoor exploits in systems are written in Java. It has also been used by hackers to perform identity thefts, create botnets, and even perform malicious activities on the client system undetected.