Top 8 Most In-Demand Design Jobs of 2023

1. Product Designer

The most in-demand role companies will be hiring for in 2023 are product designer jobs. Product designers are responsible for coming up with solutions to real-world problems people have. They’re the driving force behind the websites, apps, and other digital products we use on a daily basis.  Becoming a product designer requires a solid basis in user experience design and user research. In addition, most product designers have experience working as senior designers on a design team, where they’ve implemented user-focused solutions. They should also have well-established design thinking skills, as that process will guide much of their work.

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers do a variety of tasks, from designing logos, print & publication graphics, social media templates, advertisements, and so much more. Before embarking on this kind of career path, it pays to decide whether you want to specialize in certain types of graphic design or if you’d prefer to be a generalist. When applying for graphic design jobs, your portfolio will be your most valuable asset. Be sure that it includes good representations of the types of designs you’ve created. Take time to craft a narrative around each design, discussing the design problem presented as well as the solution you came up with. Mention any problems or blocks that presented themselves along the way, as well as how you overcame them.

3. UI & Visual Designer

Closely related to graphic design is UI Design—sometimes referred to as Visual Design. Really, these positions are a subset of graphic design, focused solely on designing digital interfaces and content. Some UI designers will also have a basic grasp of HTML and CSS, while visual designers rarely implement those skills in their work.  To get hired as a UI or Visual Designer, you’ll need to focus on your design portfolio. Showcase the designs you’ve created, and be sure to incorporate the stories behind those designs. As a UI/visual designer, you’ll likely be working as part of a team to actually turn your designs into usable products. So understanding how to work with developers, other designers, product managers, and the like will help you excel in this career.

4. UX Designer

User experience (UX) designers are in charge of figuring out what users want and need, and then figuring out how to provide those things. They’re often primarily focused on the early stages of the design process, including user research, wireframing, creating mockups, and early prototyping.  Some UX designers also do UI design, taking the project from those early stages through the end product. Even those who work with UI designers generally have a hand in the entire design process, to make sure that the finished designs still meet user needs.

5. Motion Designer

Motion designers are responsible for creating all of the animations and micro-animations, along with many of the videos, we see in various digital products. Beyond digital products, they may also create motion graphics for film and TV. They design everything from movie trailers and commercials to the micro-animations that provide immediate feedback to users on websites and apps. Motion designers will need to create video portfolios that can showcase their true talents. As with other types of design titles, a portfolio that discusses the way the designer approached the design problem will be more impressive to potential employers than one that simply consists of images and videos. You can browse Motion Designer Jobs on Dribbble.

6. Game Design 

Like UI and motion graphics, game design works at the forefront of technology and creativity. Studying game design at Berkeley College gives you the opportunity to work one-on-one with experts as you navigate complex tech and exciting creative endeavors.

7. Advertising and Marketing Design

Most every organization in the world relies on visual advertising and marketing, whether it's used to form an internal brand identity or attract customers. At Berkeley College, you'll learn to develop successful ad designs while gaining the creative problem-solving skills that will benefit you throughout your career.

8. Packaging Design

Product packaging is everywhere, from the food we eat to the devices we buy. A career in packaging design lets you employ the creativity and branding strategies of ad design, along with the technical aspects of manufacturing, 3D mockups, and printing.