Here are eight interesting facts about programming:

The First Programmer Was a Woman: Ada Lovelace

The Bug Origin: The term "bug" for a software error has an amusing origin.

The Most Popular Programming Languages: According to various rankings and surveys, some of the most popular programming languages today include Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, and C#.

The Oldest Known Code: The oldest known example of a computer program dates back to around 2000 BCE.

The Fastest-growing Language: Python has been one of the fastest-growing programming languages in recent years.

 The Length of the First Computer Program: The first computer program, written by Ada Lovelace, was intended to calculate the Bernoulli sequence. Surprisingly, the program itself was longer than the hardware it was designed to run on.

Programming Language Inspired by a TV Show: The creators of the Ruby programming language, Yukihiro Matsumoto, drew inspiration for the language's name from the precious stone mentioned in the script of the TV show "Battlestar Galactica."

The Apollo 11 Guidance Computer: The computer system that guided the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969 had less computing power than today's pocket calculators. The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) had about 64KB of memory and a processing speed of 0.043 MHz.