why a student may struggle to focus on their studies 

By Mary Apartment

June 29, 2020

Lack of interest

Learning difficulties

Distractions- Students may face various distractions, such as noise, technology (e.g., smartphones, social media)  

Poor time management skill

Students may struggle to manage their time effectively, leading to procrastination, cramming, and last-minute stress, which can interfere with their ability to focus on studying.

Lack of motivation

Without a clear sense of purpose or goals, students may struggle to find the motivation to concentrate on their studies.

Stress and anxiety

Learning environment:  An unsupportive or distracting learning environment, such as noisy classrooms or inadequate study spaces, can make it challenging for students to concentrate.

why the student not focus in their study

Lack of interest:

Learning difficulties:


Poor time management skills:

Lack of motivation:

Stress and anxiety:

Physical factors:

Learning environment: