You Should Know- Best Types of Coding and Programming Job for Fresher

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Computer Programmer

Computer programs and applications function because computer programmers write, test, and maintain code. These workers collaborate with software developers and engineers.

Full-Stack Web Developer

Full-stack web developers work on client-side and server-side software projects. They create scalable front-end and back-end architecture.


Mobile Application Developer

Mobile application developers design and implement products for different platforms —including Android, Apple, and Windows devices.

Software Developer

Responsibilities for software developers vary by project. Software developers, often called software engineers, too, oversee the entire software development lifecycle.

Information Security Analyst

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Information security analysts help design and manage the security network infrastructure and security technology solutions.

Data Scientist

Data scientists solve business problems. To fix business issues, data scientists extract data and use different techniques and theories to provide solutions.

Network Administrator

Nearly every company relies on network administrators to do essential repairs to computer server problems. Network administrators make updates to networks and perform routine tasks, such as giving network access to new employees.


Computer Systems Engineer


These workers configure, program, and oversee the daily technical and business operations of an organization's networks and infrastructure.


Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts look for trends and patterns in data and make predictions that inform a management's decisions.


Computer support specialists, sometimes called help-desk technicians or IT technicians, may provide network help or user support.

Computer Support Specialist