Machine Learning Free E-book

Technical Strategy for AI Engineers, in The Era of Deep Learning. Publisher:- Rahul Kumar Sharma. Introduction The term machine learning was first coined in the 1950s when Artificial Intelligence frontiersperson Arthur Samuel built the first self-learning system for playing checkers. He detected that the more the system played, the better it served. Fueled by advances …

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Advanced Learning Algorithms

Publisher: Rahul Kumar Sharma. About this Course In the course of the Machine Learning Specialization, you will get:  Build and train a neural network with TensorFlow to execute multi-class classification.  Apply best techniques for machine learning development so that your models generalize to details and tasks in the real world.  Build and use decision trees …

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Calendar GUI using python

Introduction: Python defines an inbuilt module calendar that handles operations related to the calendar. The calendar module allows output calendars like the program and provides additional useful functions related to the calendar. Functions and classes defined in the Calendar module use an idealized calendar, the current Gregorian calendar extended indefinitely in both directions. Along with …

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