Scientific Calculator GUI | Python

In this article, I will take you through creating a Scientific Calculator GUI with Python programming language. Introduction: Let’s create a GUI-based Scientific Calculator that accepts all the math operations including lag & trigonometric when the user enters the value and enters the “button”, he will get the respective output. The scientific Calculator works similarly …

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Extract Audio From Video Using Python | convert video to audio

DISCLAIMER:  This project is highly beginner-friendly and deep explanation about moviepy. This project is going to be crazy and can be completed in 4 lines of code…stay tuned. INTRODUCTION: Hello world.. here, I am gonna show you how to extract audio from video using python.For this, we need a library called moviepy. moviepy is a …

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python ebook

Free python ebook download

In this e-book, we provide some essential tips about programing were you explore something new and enhance your knowledge. Introduction So basically, in this program, we will discuss python. Python is a programing language where we create any handwritten program. And python programming is straightforward to understand, so anybody can quickly learn or understand it. …

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