Digital Image Processing With Free Certificate

After enrolling in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. we will study Digital Image Processing through an algorithm digital computer is used to process the digital image 

take the course on digital image processing to better understand the use and implementation of digital image processing in life


It covers the essential topics of how to implement the use of digital image processing in digital life. It focuses on developing a computer system that can process an image. The system takes the efficient image to the algorithm and processes it and gives the image as an output  

Implementation of digital image processing models is all based on neural networks. It explains the deep concepts of neural networks that collaborate with the powerful google library Tensor. Tensor comes with the prebuilt area . You can also enhance your skills through digital image processing. The fundamentals and the concepts of a digital image are also explained inside it.

You can also increase your skills by getting the knowledge of some of the fundamentals like data augmentation, weight initializing, and regularization, and by using the neural networks the image processing is done, classification of an image, and topics covered inside the case studies such as face detection, smile detection, converting an image in six different forms one of the conversion is greyscale 

Through digital image processing, the image is converted into a digital image. 


the following skills you can improve from a free online course on digital image processing

  • Augmentation on data
  • Initializing of weight
  • About regularisation
  • Different classification of image
  • Different problems of case studies
  •  Image processing used by neural network
  • Image detection used by OpenCV
  • Converting images to different forms by python 
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many topics of digital image processing are covered inside the syllabus

  • Introduction to digital image processing
  • Define data augmentation
  • Define weight initialization
  • Explain regularisation
  • The neural network used by image processing
  • Hands-on image classification
  • Project on smile detection
  • Project on face detection
  • Converting the greyscale image to image 
  • Case study problems statement for image processing
  • Six different forms of converting an image


all the benefits you get from the free online course on digital image processing

  • It is faster and more cost-effective.
  • It makes the image a digital image.
  • It improves the visualization of image
  • It can be made available in any desired format.
  • Information can be processed of images for machine interpretation.
  • Images can be stored easily.
  • It allows the image to transfer to a third party.
  • Images can be retrieved easily.



After completing all the topics, there is a quiz and you have two chances to attempt the Quiz and score well. check where you have to improve your learning skills. you can share your certificate in your resume to make your resume more attractive and share this in other document sections also  

with the help of this certificate, you have a higher chance of getting hired

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