Types of Developers & How to identify them.

You all have definitely come through various types of developers. They can be both advatageous or disadvatageous depending upon the attitude they hold. Moreover, it depends upon the task that is assigned to them. Here are 5 traits of a developer, that you may find relatable.

1. Perfectionist Developer

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These kind of developers won’t start doing a task without a full specification with every smallest detail. These types of programmers excel at problem-solving in a systematic way. The programming that involves complications suits them a lot. They are able to cope-up the solution in less time. The challenge is to realize that too much analysis can result in no action being taken. Secondly, they might get caught in analysis paralysis. So being a perfectionist developer is kind of sugar, which is sweet but too much it can cause overtake its sweetness.

2. Over confident Developer

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You just give him any task and he will respond that is easy to implement. Which may sound positive to some but it has many chances of getting opposite way. Now it depends upto the developer that how much sure he’s about his words. In other words how much reality do their words hold. They are generally overconfident about the task they undertake. They are often content with the personal satisfaction of simply being a programmer. We all have definitely come through such types of developers. Confidence and clarity are different things. This works well if confidence comes out of the clarity of the subject, but dosen’t work if the clarity is assumed on the basis of confidence. Moreover it agin depends on the attitude or perspective that a person holds.

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3. Theorist Developer

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Can tell about any technology or framework, but does not know how to use it in real-world conditions. These types of developers are people with great willingness. They inspire others and have an incredible will and ability to lead the world through any challenges. They are the essence of the Developers World. The challenge comes into the scene when they are said to implement it. This might happen if they are more of thinking types than working into it. Overpromising and using forceful tactics to get the way out are the bane sides of being a theorist developer, which definitely is not fruitful in long term.

4. StackOverflow Developer

Types of developers

Most of these developers just copy and paste the code, without further investigating why it works. They just keep going through the convinient option of simply copy pasting from stackoverflow. Which may sound good but only if used additionaly. If a guy chooses it primarily then definetely he’s going to skip learning the mechanics of programming.

5. Businessman Developer

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By gaining some theoretical “Business” knowledge on entrepreneurship books will start thinking about moving forward to create his own startup. It usually ends up badly if he fails when founds a startup, and then when he returns to work as a developer he can’t work with an engineering mindset anymore. That’s where he becomes a manager developer.

Again the clarity about the subject or simply being confident comes into the picture. This really decides what the shape of your future will be. It can’t always be predictable. Along with that, even the predicted could be changed or shaped by hardwork that you can put into.

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I hope that you could have for sure seen atleast one among the above mentioned kind of developer. Do comment if you feel yourself as one among these categories. Furthermore, don’t forget to share this with your friends who you think can better relate with this.

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