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5 must points to explain your project in an interview.

Hey! if you are looking for how to explain your project in an interview. You are on the right page. Below I’m providing you some basic questions you should prepare your answers for. These questions open the door to perfectly explain your project in an interview.

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I will tell you 5 basic points or a workflow of how do you explain your project in an interview? Now if you have created the project yourself or you have been deeply involved in the project creation along with the team then most of the time you will already know everything about the project. How it was created? what are the components, its structure? what are the libraries used? how to run it? what are the different options to run? what all things the project can do? So these are the very basic things that you should be knowing about the project. Especially if you have created it or you have been involved deeply in the creation you know all these things. But then you have to take care of five basic things whenever you explain your project to the interviewer.

What’s the necessity of the project?

Number one is you should know what are the requirements or needs for setting up the project. Why exactly you had a need to create this project? It can be an automation framework or any other project. What was its need? What is the problem it is going to solve? So you should be very very clear on that what exactly you want to do? and What is the problem you are aiming to solve with this project or a framework?

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How did you decide on the Framework or Tool?

Now the second thing is you have to explain or should have an answer to is why did you select this particular project or Tool or Framework for solving this problem? So you should know, you should have an idea that What are the things? What are the discussions you did? What are the points you considered before finalizing that? Like I am going to use this particular project or I am going to use this particular Tool or Framework for my project.

So a lot of times before we finalize the tools or the framework or the automation project, we check what is the technology stack of the application that we are going to test? It gives me an idea in case the application is built on. Suppose there is a web application built with Angular or JavaScript. Then we know that we should be using some framework of tools that can handle Angular and JavaScript events.

Know the Basic Structure.

Now the third point is you should know the basic structure of your project or the Framework. Like, How did you create it? What is the basic structure? What are the components you used? All these you should have a good idea about.

You should know the Files, Folders, Libraries, etc. that you used.

The 4th point is you should know the files folders and libraries that we have used so what is the structure and the libraries that you have used in the project or the platform or the framework.

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Explain Basic Workflow.

The fifth point is you should be able to explain the basic workflow. Such as when you start this project? when do you start the execution? what is the basic workflow? what are the components that get called? and then how the information or the data flows? In addition to this, if you can also explain what are the options to run? what are the different ways you can run? or the different options you have. Can you do parallel execution or can not do it? If you can do data-driven? When you are running from the command line what all arguments are options you can give? If you know and you have knowledge about it, this will be very very awesome.


So if you have answers to these five basic things and you know about these five basic things you can very well explain your project or your Framework in any interview. Now there’s one more important thing that you should know that is Automation Gating Criteria for talking specifically about automation projects? So when we start an automation project we do some analysis that includes whether this application is a good candidate for automation. Can the functional test cases be converted into automation test cases? and there is a complete analysis we do, which is called Automation Gating Criteria. So it is like a gate and if our analysis passes through this Gate i.e. Automation Gating Criteria and we have most of these things past then we say that this is a good option on a candidate or application for automation.

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I hope this was very useful stay happy and never stop learning.

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