Life-Changing Cold Emailing Tricks.

This “Change your life” phrase has been used heavily across the internet. Read this book to change your life, follow this habit change your life, follow these people it will change your life, but I firmly believe if you can learn how to effectively email people then it can literally change your life. As well as it can change your career and your friend circle. So in this article, I thought of sharing with you 5 cold emailing tricks and tips that have helped me talk to pretty much anyone around the world.

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I have had the chance to talk with brands entrepreneurs people around the world. And all of this has been possible because of a few things that I learned about cold emailing. Now I learned this by chance. I did a bunch of emails, I made a bunch of mistakes, I talked with a lot of people about how to properly send emails and so finally thought to share this with you guys as well. So our cold emailing tricks are hereunder:

Tip Number 1

Let’s get started with the first topic and that’s how to find the e-mail, right? That’s indeed the most important part how do you find the email of the person to whom you want to reach out. It’s very simple, there are two things that you can do either you can reach out to their social handles and you can see if they have shared their email or not. For instance, you should check their Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. if they have any. Now the problem with doing that is most people will not put their email out in the public. So what you can do is, you can use email scrappers. For example, Lusha, Rocketreach,, and many more such tools can provide you the email of the person via their LinkedIn profiles. They might be free for 4 to 5 trials or can be paid as well.

Tip Number 2

So now trick number 2 make sure that your email subject is catchy. Let me give you a couple of examples to explain what I mean. So yesterday I was trying to email Karan Bajaj. The subject of my email was “Karan your youtube channel needs this” now let me break this down for you. First of all I am saying Karan, so I am addressing him directly. I am actually saying look at this I am talking to you. Now that’s why they will look at this particular email.

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The catchy subject is important because most emails that one sees are the same boring subjects and stuff. So you have to make sure that the email subject catches their attention. You can do that by actually addressing them straight. Then you say “YouTube channel”, so recently Karan started his YouTube channel and I just wanted to reach out to him to ask him if I can help him. Now, this is the context I am giving to him on his YouTube channel. When I am saying “Your YouTube channel needs this now” and that’s the real cliffhanger that I want him to look at. This will make him curious about what I have to say. So that’s basically how that works. Make sure that you try to get their attention as soon as possible.

What you should not do is that someone emailed me saying I feel suicidal. I was curious I have never received something like this before. So I clicked on that to see exactly what this person has to say. They were basically just saying “Now that I have gotten your attention I want to ask if you have any openings at Markitup”. First of all, I just felt really bad I just blocked that person did not reply to him. That’s what you need to understand do not cross that boundary from curiosity to clickbait.

Tip Number 3

The next part that you need to focus on is the main body of the email. The main body is really important. First of all, you need to divide it into 3 main paragraphs. That’s how I like to do it. The first paragraph is when you introduce yourself to them. You just basically say hey XYZ I am Ishan Sharma and make sure that you introduce yourself in just one sentence. One sentence introduction of who you are and why are you related to them? This is the main thing among all the emailing tricks.

Now because I referred to his YouTube channel in the Karan Singh mail. I actually said hey I am Ishan Sharma I am a YouTube creator and in the bracket I just said 240k subscribers and 16 million views, just to get his attention. It’s just to be like, okay this is something serious this demands my attention, that’s what I did.

The next paragraph should be about your relation with them. Why is this important? right like who are you? and why do you have a connection with them? that’s what you need to clarify. So I just said that “hey I watched your video really liked it and I am building markitup which is a content creation agency”. So see how I am able to create a relationship right there. All of these paragraphs need to be one or max to max two lines. You have to make sure that the amount of time that it takes for them to read your email is less than 60 seconds. This is really really important so that they can quickly read they can reply.

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Now let’s talk about the last paragraph this is where you will write down what do you need from them. Be very specific in this situation. Ask them a very specific question or specific request that you have to write exactly what you need. Do not ask generic questions like someone was asking me for suggesting beginner level projects, I have already published too many articles in this page.

Also you need to make sure that you’re having links across all of the texts that you’re writing. Especially, for those of you who want to get a job internship, freelance client, referral make sure that you actually do something for the client and then show it to them in the first cold email itself, without them asking you to build something just do it yourself.

Tip Number 4

Next topic is going to be about follow up. Follow up is really important make sure that you’re following up with them every 2 days. I personally like to do it for 3 to 4 times for in a span of 2 days. So first day is when you put the email out. Day 2 is when you ask for a follow up, then day 4, day 6 and so on. Then you just basically decide that they are not interested or your email is landing in the spam folder. So you have to be aware of that situation as well.

Now how do I follow up with people? I just write them by saying “hey so and so I know that you’re super busy and even 1 or 2 lines if you can reply that would make my day”, just put that as a follow up. Morover, you can just say “hey just wanted to circle back and check if this email has reached out to you or not please let me know what do you think about this” or “please let me know if you’re interested”, “please let me know I would love to talk to you”. Something like that make sure that you’re humble make sure you understand that people have other things to do in their life. They might not be always checking their emails. So that’s all you need to know following up with them.

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Tip Number 5

One more thing if you’re doing some cold DMs or if you’re reaching out to people messaging them on LinkedIn . Do not just ask your thing that you want to ask in the first message itself. Try to establish a relationship with them. Try to talk about other things that they are suffering. Like what is your problem? what is their problem? how can you solve their problem? Make sure that you offer them as much value as possible and then ask what you need from them.

I often get these “you know” messages on LinkedIn for people just asking me do a podcast episode with them. Or do this with me or or you know you’re invited to this particular seminar fill this form or something like that. I don’t even know who you are and what is it that makes it relatable why should I do this for you, right? That’s what you need to keep in mind. People don’t have the free time that you think they do so you have to make sure first of all talk to them maybe even do a quick zoom meeting to actually talk and create a relationship and then ask them what you need. So that’s basically how it works. It’s all about give and take make sure that you’re giving as much as possible.


So basically these were the few emailing tricks that you can use. These emailing tricks will enhance the way you approach somebody. That’s it for this article. Share this article, like these don’t get viewed by a lot of people. They just don’t know how important this is. But you can share this with people in your circle with with students who actually needs these emailing tricks. Maybe your younger brother or maybe people in circle please share it with them it would mean a lot.

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