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in this tutorial, you are going to learn about different kinds of applications of C++ programming. Firstly, you will come to know about what is an application, and then diving into the main part of the tutorial, you will get to know about all these. You will learn how the C++ language is used nowadays.

Firstly, we will understand about C++ programming language…


C++ is a programming language, which is mainly dependent on object-oriented programming(OOPs). C++ was recognized as a middle-level programming language. C++ was invented by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell labs in 1979. The appearance of the  C++ language was in 1985. C++ supports different kinds of programming approaches like object-oriented and generic programming.

C++ has a rich standard library with numerous sets of functions manipulating files and methods, manipulating data structures in an easy and fast way. C++ is mostly used by programmers and developers in the application domain.


The application of a programming language is nothing but the list of the programs which have been achieved by using the particular programming language. Different kinds of programming languages have different types of applications according to the functionality of the programming language. The application can also be meant as a system or a project, where a particular language is used.

So, now we’ll look into some of the projects which got benefited from using C++.



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C++ is used by Google to write so many processes like google file system, google chromium browser, MapReduce large cluster data, etc. These are some of the processing written using C++. 


Mozilla59, Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird email chat client, etc are written using C++. Mozilla used the C++14 version to write the above applications.


Windows API, DirectX, .net, etc are written using C++. a lot of windows applications that we use daily are mostly written in C++.

Games & Applications:

a lot of games that we play day-to-fay are developed using c++. c++ language reduces the complexity of 3-dimensional games and optimizes the resources. C++ is preferable for developing gaming applications because its runtime is very fast and it is used to develop the suites of the game tools. We can develop a lot of animations, motion graphics, and virtual reality using C++.


 C++ is used to write compilers for most programming languages. Some of the compilers of the languages like C#, java are mainly written by using C++ only.

Now we will understand some of the applications of the C++ language…


Application Development:

C++ language is used to develop many applications. Applications with graphical user interfaces, such as Adobe Photoshop and others, are widely utilized. Many Adobe system programs, including some the applications like illustrator, adobe premiere, image ready etc are written in C++.

Game development:

C++ is also used to develop games. By using C++, we can easily develop 3-dimension games.   As C++ runtime is so fast, it is extensively utilized in the development of numerous games and gaming engines. C++ is mostly utilized in the development of game tool packages.



we can create a lot of animations by using C++,  which can be integrated into any kind of application. C++ contains a sophisticated tool-set that includes 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering applications. C++ is most commonly used in image-processing, mobile sensor applications, visual effects modeling, etc.

Web browser:

 C++ is used to create any kind of web application. Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox are mainly written in C++. C++ is also used as a rendering engine in different open-source projects

Database access:  C++ is also used to create database applications of any kind. The most popular database management tool, MYSQL, is developed using C++. C++ is also included in developing Databases for some famous applications like YouTube, Wikipedia, and Yahoo.

Bloomberg RDBMS, a famous database management tool, which is developed by C++, aids in the provision of real-time financial data.


C++ language can be sued to create compilers of most programming languages. The compilers of the languages like C#, Java, etc are built using C++.  C++ is also used in the development of these languages since it is platform-independent and capable of developing a wide range of applications.       

Operating systems:

C++ is used in the development of operating systems. Microsoft’s operating system, as well as some parts of apple’s operating system, is mainly developed using C++. Microsoft Windows 95, 95, 2000, XP, office, internet explorer, visual studio, etc are developed using C++.


That’s it from this tutorial. Now we can have basic knowledge of C++ applications. Hope you find this tutorial interesting.

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