Module introduction & what we will learn throughout this module

Hey Everyone, This is not a tutorial article.


In this article, you will get to know about the contents and structure of this module.

o What is Programming

o why do we need programming

o History of C & C++, the evolution of C++

o Applications of C++

o Low – level vs High-Level Languages

o Compiler vs Interpreter

o Module introduction & what we will learn throughout this module

o Basics – Datatypes and Variables

o Operators and Expressions

o Conditional Statements(if, if-else, switch case,..)

o Loops(for, while, nested loops, for-each loop,…)

o Arrays

o Pointers

o Strings Class

o Functions

o Access Specifiers & Scope Rules

o Function Overloading

o Oops Concepts

o Classes and Objects

o Constructors

o Destructors

o Operator Overloading

o Inheritance

o Base Class Pointer Derived Class Object

o Polymorphism

o Abstract Classes

o Function Overriding

o Friend Members

o Static Members

o Inner Classes

o Templates

o Exception Handling

o I/O Streams


o Lambda Expressions

o Features on Modern C++ 11

o Features of Modern C++ 17

o Student Project

These are the list of contents that are going to be covered in this c++ module.


The Purpose of this module is to start learning c++ from scratch by following the articles from beginning to end.


Throughout this module, We will cover all the basic, Intermediate and advanced concepts of c++.
For the code-based modules, You will be provided with the code and sample output too.
You will also be provided the link to the documentation if necessary.

Until now, you are provided with the basics of programming, how programming is started, and the reason why should we learn programming.

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You can check out the articles on C++ applications and why should you learn c++ to get to know about the importance of C++ these days.


In the next article, the basics of C++ will be started.
Slowly we will move further to intermediate and advanced concepts.
As this is article-based learning you can choose your own pace.

Practice makes you perfect. So keep practicing and learn new things.


Anyone from any background (Branch) can follow the articles of this module to learn c++.
You can name it C++ Basic to Advanced.

Important Note:

If you have any doubt, you can contact us or drop your query as a comment. We will get back to you ASAP.

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