Marketing and Retail Analytics With Free Certificate

After enrolling in the free courses in Data Science. Inside it, there are so many free courses from which I have to choose the marketing and retail analytics course. Here we learn detail about the marketing sectors.

In the modern world, marketing is a highly demanded course to grow the business at the peak and provide the best deal to the customers according to their needs.


Marketing is dependent on buying and selling the product and the balance between them. marketing performance is all about the process of managing, measuring, and analyzing to increase the effectiveness in the selling and returning sector as per the increase in the products their price also increases, and demand decreases and optimizes the investment return the marketing business is dependent upon the supports of the customers’ satisfaction and the quality of the product 

due to the customer experience, they improve their business operations by providing the best deal according to the view of customer needs. With the help of the marketing and retail analytics course, you can generate more revenue for the business and increase the anticipated demand and other significant roles of marketing for beginners the introduction of marketing and retail analytics explain and its application of the free online courses after that explain the details about it.    

Some of the features also learn like data modeling, RFM, and frequency. and how to convince the people for purchasing the product and the techniques of marketing to gather the customers for the product.

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The quiz is there also after completing all the topics covered inside the free online course marketing from the quiz you can check your learning skill online. In the last, you can grab your certificate of completion of an online free course. 


you can improve your skills through the online courses

  • Analysis on RFM
  • Strategies for a business area
  • Learning skills
  • How to handle the marketing sector


more topics covered inside the marketing course 

  • Introduction to marketing and retail analytics
  • Marketing overview
  • Terminologies of marketing
  • Analysis of RFM-using tableau 
  • Analysis of RFM-using KNIME
  • The function of Percentlies in KNIME
  • The function of Auto Banner in KNIME


some of the benefits you get after learning the marketing course

  • It helps to maintain the balance between visitors and business
  • It provides the right information to the customers
  • It optimizes the price.
  • It provides targeted communications to customers
  • It predicts the demand and manages inventory
  • It enhances the customer experience
  • Find an innovative way to engage with customers.
  • Give the trustable platform


at the end of the free online courses certificate section is there which is very beneficial for you in your future carrier in a particular field

you can share your certificate in your resume and other document section also to make your resume more attractive than the others and increase your chances to get hired. 

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