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In this e-book, we provide some essential tips about programing were you explore something new and enhance your knowledge.


So basically, in this program, we will discuss python. Python is a programing language where we create any handwritten program.

And python programming is straightforward to understand, so anybody can quickly learn or understand it.

What is python?

So python is a high-level programming language. It is also used to build websites and software, automate tasks, and analyze data. And python uses English keywords frequently, whereas other languages use puntuation, and it has fewer syntactical construction than other languages.

Book content

Why should you learn to write these programs?

Writing the programs (or programming) is a very creative and rewarding winning activity. You can write the agenda for many reasons ranging from making your living and solving a complex data analysis problem to having fun or helping someone else problem’s.

This book assumes that everyone needs to know how to program, and once you know how it would be done, you will figure out what you want to do with your newfound skills.

For example, look at the first two paragraphs of this chapter and tell me the most common word used and how often the term is used. While you would be able to read and understand the word in a few seconds, counting them is almost painful because it is not the kind of problem that human minds are designed to solve.

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So, basically, for the computer, the opposite is true because it doesn’t understand like humans reading and writing or understanding text from a piece of paper is hard for a computer to do, but counting the words or numbers and telling you many times the most used word was “used.”

This is how it functions.

Networked programs

It will provide two levels of access to the network services.

  • Low-Level Access:- You can access the essential socket support in the underlying operating system at a low level.
  • High-Level Access:- At the high level, you can allow implementation protocols like HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), FTP(), etc

Using Web Services

Web service can be generally regarded as a function of applications using standardized message formats. And other interfaced to software using traditional APIs.

Or once it became easy to retrieve and parse documents over HTTP using these programs, it did not take a long time to develop.

There are two common forms of exchanging data across the web.

  1. XML(Xtensible Markup Language)
  2. JSON(JavaScript Object Notation)

We have to work on both languages because it is imperative in web services.

Object-oriented programming in python

In python, OOPS (object-oriented programming) is a programming paradigm that uses objects and classes.

It will explain in brief that, like many aspects of programming, it is necessary to learn object-oriented programming concepts; you should approach this chapter as a way to learn some terms and concepts.

Or you can also went through python Libraries.

Using data bases

  1. Use the create, read, update and delete operations to manage databases.
  2. Understand how data is stored across multiple tables in a database orientation.
  3. Explain the basics of object-oriented python.
  4. Utilize the google map data with API to visualize data.


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