python crash course FREE PDF DOWNLOAD

python crash course FREE PDF DOWNLOAD


python crash course FREE PDF DOWNLOAD

It is a crash course in Python. Where we will understand a full explanation of the basics of advanced Python. It is a fundamentals course and has become famous among teenagers. This edition python crash course is introduced to people who want to learn the full Python course in their free time.

In this article, each section of Python is divided into different chapters. There is 20 chapter for the explanation of the Python course.
This is made by some of the authors and without their help of them, this article is not have been possible.

Their names and contribution are given below-
Bill Pollock
invented to write
Tyler Ortman help to give the shape of the article
Liz Chadwick and Leslie Shen give feedback on each chapter
Anne Marie Walker clarifies the points of Python
Riley Hoffman’s work to answer
each question in the Python course


The author works hard to deliver the full details about Python.
The main focus is to provide a lifetime explanation to people through this book. With the help of these books, You can build a program that works on some of them-
data visualization
web application

Non-programmers are also able to learn the Python course. This course is done by those who either study any other course with it. It is available for anyone such as middle school, high school, teenagers, old people, and many more. With the help of it, you can able to solve many problems related to coding. There is no limit to age. Because of this book, Your learning Python becomes easier and simple and easy to learn.

Some of the steps are given below, which are available in the features of an online course-
Instruction to setup- here, explains, how to start the Python course and its process to set up
Updates- it gives information about the updates in Python. If anything is not working, then there is an Updates process to have to do.
Exercises solutions– it gives an idea about solving the exercise yourself.
Cheat sheets– it gives online cheat sheets to download the full reference.

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There are 20 chapters for the explanation of the Python course in the book-

Chapter 1– [getting started]the first step is to install a recent version of Python on your system with a text editor that helps to write the code in Python.
print(“Hello Python World!”)

Chapter 2– [variables and data types] explains the variables and their data types.
message = “Hello Python World!”
variable are letters, numbers, and underscore
Integer: +, -, %, *, /.
Floats: decimal value- o.2+0.6
Underscore: 2_00
Multiple assignments: x, y, z, = 0, 0, 0
Constants: Max_connections = 4000
Comments: # say hello to everyone
print(“Hello Python people”)

Chapter 3– [introduction lists]lists are a collection of different-different lists of an item in a particular order.

Chapter 4– [working with lists]explains how the lists work with individual elements

Chapter 5– [IF Statements]according to the conditions, we will apply the different statements.

Chapter 6– [dictionaries]explains the Python dictionaries, where we get the points to connect pieces to related information.
alien_0 = {‘color’ , ‘green’ , ‘points’ : 5}

Chapter 7– [user input and while loops]user needs to put some input in the code to get the output with the help of any statements.

Chapter 8-[functions]work to handle the task in which you don’t have to write code again and again

Chapter 9-[classes]represent the things and situations in the
real world and create an object.

Chapter 10-[files and exceptions]
program open the file then, convert it into print and represent it on screen.
with open(‘pi_digits.txt’)as fie_object:
contents =

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Chapter 11-[testing your code]

Chapter 12-[a ship that fires bullets]with the help of this we will make a ship project like animation, graphic management, and many more.

Chapter 13-[Aliens!]we will create some type of aliens and build it on the screen.

Chapter 14-[scoring]inside it all the system of the game can handle

Chapter 15-[generating data]gives the visual representation of the data that look pretty as much.

Chapter 16-[downloading data]all the sets of data are downloaded here and working with the visualization to create the data.

Chapter 17-[working with APIs]you will learn the self-made code through this. the program uses the API-application programming interface.

Chapter 18-[getting started with DJANGO]
DJANGO means a great set of tools that helps to create an attractive website.

Chapter 19– [user accounts]is very to start any coding or programming. You can build your topics and entries on your accounts.

Chapter 20-[styling and deploying an app]in it, we learn how to make the project stylish and deploy the project on the live server.


With these topics, you can build your self-made project and become the programmer as well as you can expect. It is very good for beginners, who want to learn to program in their free time.

Python Crash Course Pdf Download

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