Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn to Get A Job at Fb, Google, MS, etc.

Hey! Are you keen on learning programming languages and want to know the top among them? So you have clicked on the right page. Here we will discuss not only not just the top 5 programming languages but also how to use them to get a job.

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We’re getting to mention the highest five programming languages to find out for getting a job at companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. Therefore, the obvious question here could be, does it really matter which language you learn if you’re trying to urge a job at one of these companies. My answer would be yes, It does. But indirectly What I mean by that is, once you have an employment interview with one of these companies as a programmer candidate the foremost important thing, they’ll usually search for isn’t what specific language or technology you have been using Instead they have a tendency to seem for mostly your coding skills your problem-solving ability and your data structures and algorithms knowledge. So you might say wait, it doesn’t really matter which languages I learn then, my answer to that would be actually it still matters a lot.

I’m getting to explain my reasoning. But if you only want to seek out my lists just scroll down to the lists below.

Okay, so if these large companies don’t care that much about which languages you recognize then why does it matter in the least which languages you learn if you would like to get employment at one among these companies. There are three reasons for this as follows.

Reason number 1

When you apply for employment at one of these big companies, How do you think they’re going to decide if they ought to invite you for an employment interview? Of course, there are a couple of different aspects to the present. For instance your education your personal projects and so on. But the most important factor is typically your work experience and how do you get the experience in the first place? probably at smaller less known companies first.

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Correspondingly, truly smaller companies and startups tend to worry more about which specific language or technology you recognize. Like a small start-up might say we’d like someone who can help us create an iOS app tomorrow or we’d like someone who knows JavaScript rather well by next month. So depending on which languages you recognize it’ll actually be easier or harder for you to urge employment at one among these smaller companies.

Reason number 2

I feel you should learn a programing language that aligns together with your interests, so you’ve got more motivation and reason for learning. For instance, if you’re curious about learning to form an iPhone app you need to probably learn Swift and if you’re interested in data science machine learning, or science generally Python might be an honest choice for you.

Reason number 3

Some programming languages are simply easier to find out than other ones. For example, I might say JavaScript is simpler to find out than Java and Python is simpler to learn than C++. So supported that I made a decision to use the work market and simple learning because these are the two main criteria for creating my list of top 5 programming languages to learn.

Ok so here’s my list.

Number five: Ruby

Ruby a programing language from Japan made in the mid-1990s. It became popular, thanks to the recognition of something called Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails was at some point I would say the hottest Framework for building websites. Although it is not as popular as it used to be anymore. Still, a lot of companies use Ruby on Rails today and Ruby may be a really simple and straightforward language to find out. That’s why I’d keep this at 5th place in my top 5 programming languages list.

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Number four: Swift

Swift is now the first language for building an iOS app whether it’s for iPhone or iPad if you’ve got the skill it should be fairly easy for you to urge employment since many companies want to build iOS apps I have never used this language extensively myself But it looks like a reasonably simple and straightforward language to find out, the sole downside of Swift is that it isn’t really cross-platform Meaning, it isn’t easy to make an iOS app with Swift if you do not have a Mac

Number three: Java

Java is probably one of the most widely used programming languages today you’ll use Java to make many things including Android apps Many companies use Java frameworks to create websites also, Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest language to find out since it is a bit more complex than the opposite languages during this list

Number two: Python

Python is additionally a really popular programing language at least in North America and lots of companies use it to make websites with frameworks like Django and flask this is often probably the language of your choice if you’re curious about things like data science machine learning or science generally it is also one among the most languages used at Google, so it’s popular at both large companies and smaller companies.

Number one: Javascript

Javascript used to be a language that only ran on your browser Whether it’s Chrome Firefox or Safari. But recently people started using it to create back-end code (the code that runs on your servers), not just front-end code (the code that runs on your device). Whether it’s a phone or a laptop Javascript is a great language to learn for getting a job And it’s also fairly simple and easy to learn now. If you’re just getting started with programming  I’d recommend that you simply start with either Python or JavaScript and that I think your optimal choice here mostly depends on your interests. In case you’re curious about UI or user experience design Then JavaScript is probably the way to go of. If you’re more into logic machine learning or science generally Python could be the proper choice for you.

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Thanks as always for reading my list of top 5 programming languages and let me know in the comment below if you have any requests about what kind of articles I should write in the future and any improvements in providing data. Don’t forget to show your love by sharing this article with other mates.

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