5 resources I use to learn to code for free

here I will discuss 5 resources I use to learn to code for free :

Harvard CS50 course

learn about the basic fundamental of programming using the Harvard CS50 course: These courses are started by the instructor DAVID J MILION. David j milion is amazing, charming, and explains every single concept. he has very energetic and enthusiastic and every single time when I look at the course I like I wish my professor is so good. I always think that when I ever watch the lecture videos. first of all these courses is completely for anyone to enroll in or to anyone to watch for free on youtube and if you want to get the certificate then you can also be paid around 4000 to 5000 rupees and get the certificate of these. these courses talk about the basic, you don’t need to have any pre-knowledge about computer science and computer. and in these projects, there is also more practical it provides a practical project which you learn faster.

Course Link

Python Basics – Python from Scratch in 2 Days

master python with the help of a udemy course called zero to hero in python: the course covers the basic forms of python. and most about of python programing language so one thing which I want to clear you if you are complete beginners then this course is for you and it is not free but cheap and if your complete beginners then these gonna be a first language which you learn. and this course is perfect for you because it is cost-friendly too if you are learning python for the first time or python is your first language then you can definitely purchase these and in these, all the topics are covered very well. the course starts with a python set up then the basic thing about the data like data structure basic and python object, python comparison operators, python statement, method, and functions, milestone project – 1, object-oriented programming, etc

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course link

frontend development and CSS from freecodecam

learn about frontend development and CSS from free code camp and brad traverse: so if you are a software developer then this freecodecamp is for you in these has a very detailed manner and gives you a better understanding, and better knowledgable things and gives you a free project and it is being free more of them.

Course Link

machine-learning form coding from the youtube channel of the coding train

machine-learning form coding from the youtube channel of the coding train and the Andrew engine course: theses courses are for beginners these will starts with zero and then go with the higher level, and the most important part of these is for free on youtube, which you can watch whenever you want, and with the help of the lecture you also made a self notes for better learning in understanding.

course link

learn javascript and react from freecodecamp

I learn javascript and react from freecodecamp tutorials and built a ton of react projects from clever programming tutorials. So these courses are also available on youtube which is also for free and it depends upon a react in these if you don’t know about a recent then you can start with these. These will give you a level of understanding and make many projects on it which will you use in your resume as well which will help you in your placement.

Course Link


These are the top 5 free resources that I used to learn to code. In The conclusion, I just wanna say to you that everything is available for free on the internet all you have to do is have a learning mindset.

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