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so in this, you all know first of all an HTML. an HTML is a language that is used to make a website, and we use them too, and take a piece of information, and in our generation, HTML will use more than any other language. because in this digital world we will do most of the work is online so we must know about an Html. so what is HTML? the answer is an HTML is a markup language which is also called hypertext markup language. HTML is used to make a web page and design a website, and also do an in website a text, color, features, images, videos, etc… HTML is made from 2 words which are hypertext and the second is a markup language. a hypertext does a join 2 webpages in which a text is used to join these, and when a user can click this so these will transfer in your 2nd web pages. and a html5 is the fifth version of HTML, it is the final major version of HTML which can use dynamically.

so here I will give you a full HTML5 note for professionals which you can use and learn a deeply about it and it will help you in a better understanding and gives a dynamic knowledge, here I explain some important topics of these notes :
so in this has 41 chapters and in every chapter has their sections: so in very first chapter explains about a

GETTING STARTED WITH HTML: so in these you started with a zero and very basic so if you are a beginner it will be best for you. so section 1.1 is about Hello World in these you will learn about an introduction, element insight, creating a simple page, and simple page break down.

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DOTYPES: It refers to a “document type” that helps browsers to understand the version of HTML the document is written in for better interpretability. in these there is important topics are adding the doctype, HTML 5 doctype.
and the following chapters are headings, paragraphs, text formatting, Anchors and hyperlinks, Lists, Tables, Comments, Classes, and IDs, Data Attributes, Linking Resources, Including JavaScript Code in HTML, Using HTML with CSS, images, Image Maps, Input Control Elements, Forms, Div Element, Sectioning Elements, etc.


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