Cloud Foundations With Free Certificate

You can boost your knowledge of cloud computing by choosing the course CLOUD FOUNDATION from the online learning platform Great Learning. You become more familiar when you get all the concepts of cloud foundations. 

The initial step starts from the introduction part and later gives the full description of it.


It is a multi-disciplinary team of enterprise architects, developers, operators, networks, and security system and databases administrators. 

*You can get a variety of fundamental concepts of cloud foundations online courses. 

It tells the stories of the real world along with the introduction of cloud foundations. You get an idea about the courses after clarifying all the concepts of cloud computing from cloud foundations. 

 *In the next chapter, with the help of architectural representation. You get more details about the cloud foundations which help you to build your carrier in a particular platform of courses. You can also comprehend the classical enterprises in the subject of cloud computing.

Moving forward, you get a brief history of the free online course on cloud foundations which helps beginners to start the courses, from the starting without knowing about that particular course.

 *The Step-by-Step process from basics starts explained in detail. The main concepts of cloud foundations cover inside the explanation part.

Why the need for the cloud is necessary and its importance in the real-life world.

 You get a deep definition of the various concepts like the modeling of delivery and deployment models and understand the difference between the pricing sector of models and the scaling sector of models under the cloud using the scenario of the real-life world.   

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Once you get all the topics of cloud foundations, then clear the quiz. You have two chances to attempt the quiz and score well. earn a free certificate online                  


you get some of the skills from a free online course on cloud foundations

Models of scaling and the pricing models

Fundamentals of cloud foundations

Models of service delivery

Service of deployment models   


topics you cover inside the cloud foundations you get here under the course ;

Definition of cloud foundations

Stories of cloud

Business concerns on cloud

Classical enterprise of cloud

why are the cloud foundations used in real-life ;

Why the cloud is necessary

Evolution of cloud

What models are used in cloud foundations ;

Service models

Abstraction levels

Deployment models

Pricing models

scaling models

  What type of levels, and attributes are covered inside it ;


Attributes of cloud

Managed services


some of the benefits you get from the cloud foundation

It provides highly efficient models of the cloud.

Its toolkit helps to run a code in a google cloud fast

It provides a complete set of software

It manages all the functionality of the system

It provides a trustworthy site for the software    


 you can grab your certificate after completing the quiz and get the certificate of course from online learning

 Share your certificate in your resume and other document section to increase your chances of getting hired and building a carrier.  

Image Credit : Great Learning

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