Flappy Bird using Python

Create Flappy Bird Game using Python- Project

You could have obviously played or at least heard of the most famous of its time “The Flappy Bird Game”. Those were the days of your childhood, but you are a grown-up techie now. So, not only we can play but we can also create it. In this article, I have shared the Source Code of Flappy Bird Game using Python along with its complete installation guide.

Required Modules

Before sharing the code make sure you have installed the required modules.

random: For generating random numbers
sys: We will use sys to exit the program
pygame: To build 2D games in Python

Library Installation

Before getting started with code we need to install the necessary required module or library. By default random and sys come preinstalled in python. we need to install pygame. For that, you need to write the following command in your terminal or command prompt.

pip install pygame

Resources and Source code

Now you need to download the resources, like image assets and audio for the game. Click Here To Download. Once the zip file has been downloaded make sure you extract it. This zip file contains images, audio and a .py file where the Flappy Bird game is written.

import random # For generating random numbers
import sys # We will use sys.exit to exit the program
import pygame
from pygame.locals import * # Basic pygame imports

# Global Variables for the game
FPS = 32
SCREEN = pygame.display.set_mode((SCREENWIDTH, SCREENHEIGHT))
PLAYER = 'gallery/sprites/bird.png'
BACKGROUND = 'gallery/sprites/background.png'
PIPE = 'gallery/sprites/pipe.png'

def welcomeScreen():
    Shows welcome images on the screen

    playerx = int(SCREENWIDTH/5)
    playery = int((SCREENHEIGHT - GAME_SPRITES['player'].get_height())/2)
    messagex = int((SCREENWIDTH - GAME_SPRITES['message'].get_width())/2)
    messagey = int(SCREENHEIGHT*0.13)
    basex = 0
    while True:
        for event in pygame.event.get():
            # if user clicks on cross button, close the game
            if event.type == QUIT or (event.type==KEYDOWN and event.key == K_ESCAPE):

            # If the user presses space or up key, start the game for them
            elif event.type==KEYDOWN and (event.key==K_SPACE or event.key == K_UP):
                SCREEN.blit(GAME_SPRITES['background'], (0, 0))    
                SCREEN.blit(GAME_SPRITES['player'], (playerx, playery))    
                SCREEN.blit(GAME_SPRITES['message'], (messagex,messagey ))    
                SCREEN.blit(GAME_SPRITES['base'], (basex, GROUNDY))    

def mainGame():
    score = 0
    playerx = int(SCREENWIDTH/5)
    playery = int(SCREENWIDTH/2)
    basex = 0

    # Create 2 pipes for blitting on the screen
    newPipe1 = getRandomPipe()
    newPipe2 = getRandomPipe()

    # my List of upper pipes
    upperPipes = [
        {'x': SCREENWIDTH+200, 'y':newPipe1[0]['y']},
        {'x': SCREENWIDTH+200+(SCREENWIDTH/2), 'y':newPipe2[0]['y']},
    # my List of lower pipes
    lowerPipes = [
        {'x': SCREENWIDTH+200, 'y':newPipe1[1]['y']},
        {'x': SCREENWIDTH+200+(SCREENWIDTH/2), 'y':newPipe2[1]['y']},

    pipeVelX = -4

    playerVelY = -9
    playerMaxVelY = 10
    playerMinVelY = -8
    playerAccY = 1

    playerFlapAccv = -8 # velocity while flapping
    playerFlapped = False # It is true only when the bird is flapping

    while True:
        for event in pygame.event.get():
            if event.type == QUIT or (event.type == KEYDOWN and event.key == K_ESCAPE):
            if event.type == KEYDOWN and (event.key == K_SPACE or event.key == K_UP):
                if playery > 0:
                    playerVelY = playerFlapAccv
                    playerFlapped = True

        crashTest = isCollide(playerx, playery, upperPipes, lowerPipes) # This function will return true if the player is crashed
        if crashTest:

        #check for score
        playerMidPos = playerx + GAME_SPRITES['player'].get_width()/2
        for pipe in upperPipes:
            pipeMidPos = pipe['x'] + GAME_SPRITES['pipe'][0].get_width()/2
            if pipeMidPos<= playerMidPos < pipeMidPos +4:
                score +=1
                print(f"Your score is {score}") 

        if playerVelY <playerMaxVelY and not playerFlapped:
            playerVelY += playerAccY

        if playerFlapped:
            playerFlapped = False            
        playerHeight = GAME_SPRITES['player'].get_height()
        playery = playery + min(playerVelY, GROUNDY - playery - playerHeight)

        # move pipes to the left
        for upperPipe , lowerPipe in zip(upperPipes, lowerPipes):
            upperPipe['x'] += pipeVelX
            lowerPipe['x'] += pipeVelX

        # Add a new pipe when the first is about to cross the leftmost part of the screen
        if 0<upperPipes[0]['x']<5:
            newpipe = getRandomPipe()

        # if the pipe is out of the screen, remove it
        if upperPipes[0]['x'] < -GAME_SPRITES['pipe'][0].get_width():
        # Lets blit our sprites now
        SCREEN.blit(GAME_SPRITES['background'], (0, 0))
        for upperPipe, lowerPipe in zip(upperPipes, lowerPipes):
            SCREEN.blit(GAME_SPRITES['pipe'][0], (upperPipe['x'], upperPipe['y']))
            SCREEN.blit(GAME_SPRITES['pipe'][1], (lowerPipe['x'], lowerPipe['y']))

        SCREEN.blit(GAME_SPRITES['base'], (basex, GROUNDY))
        SCREEN.blit(GAME_SPRITES['player'], (playerx, playery))
        myDigits = [int(x) for x in list(str(score))]
        width = 0
        for digit in myDigits:
            width += GAME_SPRITES['numbers'][digit].get_width()
        Xoffset = (SCREENWIDTH - width)/2

        for digit in myDigits:
            SCREEN.blit(GAME_SPRITES['numbers'][digit], (Xoffset, SCREENHEIGHT*0.12))
            Xoffset += GAME_SPRITES['numbers'][digit].get_width()

def isCollide(playerx, playery, upperPipes, lowerPipes):
    if playery> GROUNDY - 25  or playery<0:
        return True
    for pipe in upperPipes:
        pipeHeight = GAME_SPRITES['pipe'][0].get_height()
        if(playery < pipeHeight + pipe['y'] and abs(playerx - pipe['x']) < GAME_SPRITES['pipe'][0].get_width()):
            return True

    for pipe in lowerPipes:
        if (playery + GAME_SPRITES['player'].get_height() > pipe['y']) and abs(playerx - pipe['x']) < GAME_SPRITES['pipe'][0].get_width():
            return True

    return False

def getRandomPipe():
    Generate positions of two pipes(one bottom straight and one top rotated ) for blitting on the screen
    pipeHeight = GAME_SPRITES['pipe'][0].get_height()
    offset = SCREENHEIGHT/3
    y2 = offset + random.randrange(0, int(SCREENHEIGHT - GAME_SPRITES['base'].get_height()  - 1.2 *offset))
    pipeX = SCREENWIDTH + 10
    y1 = pipeHeight - y2 + offset
    pipe = [
        {'x': pipeX, 'y': -y1}, #upper Pipe
        {'x': pipeX, 'y': y2} #lower Pipe
    return pipe

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # This will be the main point from where our game will start
    pygame.init() # Initialize all pygame's modules
    FPSCLOCK = pygame.time.Clock()
    pygame.display.set_caption('Flappy Bird by Codehub')
    GAME_SPRITES['numbers'] = ( 

    GAME_SPRITES['message'] =pygame.image.load('gallery/sprites/message.png').convert_alpha()
    GAME_SPRITES['base'] =pygame.image.load('gallery/sprites/base.png').convert_alpha()
    GAME_SPRITES['pipe'] =(pygame.transform.rotate(pygame.image.load( PIPE).convert_alpha(), 180), 

    # Game sounds
    GAME_SOUNDS['die'] = pygame.mixer.Sound('gallery/audio/die.wav')
    GAME_SOUNDS['hit'] = pygame.mixer.Sound('gallery/audio/hit.wav')
    GAME_SOUNDS['point'] = pygame.mixer.Sound('gallery/audio/point.wav')
    GAME_SOUNDS['swoosh'] = pygame.mixer.Sound('gallery/audio/swoosh.wav')
    GAME_SOUNDS['wing'] = pygame.mixer.Sound('gallery/audio/wing.wav')

    GAME_SPRITES['background'] = pygame.image.load(BACKGROUND).convert()
    GAME_SPRITES['player'] = pygame.image.load(PLAYER).convert_alpha()

    while True:
        welcomeScreen() # Shows welcome screen to the user until he presses a button
        mainGame() # This is the main game function 

Hope that you liked this Flappy Bird Game using Python for sure. You should include this amazing game in your python projects list. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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