student management system python

Student Management System using python

In this article I’m gonna provide you with the sources code of GUI-based student management system with python Tkinter, SQLite3 database. Basically, this project is an Intermediate level project where you will learn how to use a database and build a good GUI in python tkinter and you can apply all the learning of these project to build real-life use case programs.

About Project

About School management system manages the information the students like their name, Dob, streams, and other personal information. Regarding to the features included :

  • Taking personal information
  • Showing the information as a record
  • deleting the record
  • resting fields
  • deleting database

Project Prerequisites:

For the following projects, you need this prerequisites:

1. Tkinter – To create the GUI.
2. SQLite3 – To connect the program to the database and store information in it.
3. TkCalender – To get the user to enter a date.
4. – To convert the date from the tree to a instance so that it can be set in.
5. Tkinter.messagebox – To show a display box, displaying some information or an error.
6. Tkinter.ttk – To create the tree where all the information will be displayed.

Download Project

You can download the source code of the student management system. Click Here To Download


student Management System with Python

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