Python Project Ideas for Beginners [2021]

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn and due to this python is one of the most popular languages currently. It looks like this trend will follow in 2021 and beyond. So, if you are a python beginner and want to level up your Python skills, the best thing you should do is practice on these python project ideas.

Why You Need to work on these Python Project ideas?

Building Python projects not only increases your knowledge but also levels up your python game. The project enables you to face real-time difficulties as well as trains your mind to tackle them.

If You Work On Projects, You Will:

Mastering Programming Concepts – One of the biggest benefits of building real-world projects is that with continued practice, you will master programming concepts and schemes in different languages.

To Increase Your Confidence – By working with real tools and technologies, you will become more confident in your strengths and at the same time identify your weaknesses.

To experiment – You will need to familiarize yourself with new tools and technologies while working on a python The more you learn about state-of-the-art development tools, environments, libraries, the wider your space will be to experiment with your projects. Python projects, the more knowledge you gain.

So, here are 5 Python Projects for beginners on which you can work:

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Python Projects

Number Guessing

pay, numbers, digits

It is one of the easiest games which you can build in just 10 lines of code and using random modules. All you have to write a python program that will return a random number every time you run it.

Word Dictionary

dignity, definition, dictionary

Build your word dictionary using the python dictionary datatype. Where you can store already existing words along with the words that you define.

Password Manager

cyber, security, information-4084714.jpg

Write a python program that will be stored in a python dictionary and by that time you can also see the stored password.

YouTube Downloader

download, button, internet-155425.jpg

The most amazing idea to make a project upon. Write a python program to download videos from youtube. There are modules like PyTube with its help you can download YouTube videos. And yeah you have successfully made a downloader of your own.

Price Tracker

price tag, price, warranty-374404.jpg

Online shopping companies often keep changing their product prices. The thing that you could have just bought on MRP, your friend could have got it at a heavy discount a week after you. So to avail the benefits of these ever-changing prices you can make a price tracker using Python, which will keep tracking your favorite product’s price. You can build your own price tracker application with python.

Moreover, this project idea is very exciting. This program will extract the price of products from Amazon, eBay or Flipkart, and other sites. By building this project it will clear the concept of web scraping. You can also improve this project by adding features like whenever the price of a product drops it will send you a notification.

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By working on these python project ideas it will help you to level up in python learning.

You can also go for little advanced level projects given on this page: Projects by inprogrammer.

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