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After enrolling in DIGITAL MARKETING, there is an explanation of the AI IN DIGITAL MARKETING course of free online learning from GREAT LEARNING, and you get the points of introduction and how to implement it to make a visualization effect on the customer. It simulation the processes of human experience in a technology system


It emphasizes the development of intelligent machines working and thinking like humans eg. speaking, problem-solving, learning, and thinking. It makes that way they exactly work like a human and adjust the new inputs and perform all the functions like a human. It’s a trending skill that everyone wants to learn. In different-different form AI impact the human life. It did not improve the experience of business growth but also improves efficiencies. In AI, it changes the existing way of doing work in business. Now every technology sector needs an AI for the growth of the company. It personalizes human behavior and contributes to the websites and applications for business. across online channels, they collect more no. of data. For customers, it gets a deeper explanation of AI and DIGITAL MARKETING and explores its practical application of it

there is a quiz after the quiz, you can easily grab your certificate online, but you have only two chances to attempt the quiz and clear it and make an information technology system for human work.

you can also check your learning skills after attempting the quiz 

SKILLS:-improve your skills by getting all the topics of AI in Digital Marketing

  • Introduction to AI
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing increases the power of AI
  • Strategies of Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence scope
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the syllabus you get from AI in digital marketing

  • Introduction of AI in digital marketing
  • Differentiates humans from machine
  • Define Artificial Intelligence
  • Explain Intelligence
  • Explain the explored area in AI
  • what is the scope of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing
  • Explain Digital Marketing
  • Define chatbots
  • Define AI powered in digital marketing
  • Explain Google BankRain
  • Teach how to use Alexa in the marketing sector for growth
  • Explain the recommendations on personalized product
  • Enhance the experience of shopping
  • AI-powered for website builders.
  • Competitive advantages and AI advantages
  • A question that is frequently asked


through AI, we will understand the customer experience better and get the points inside it and use it in the technology world

  • It rapidly detects the marketing trends
  • It generates content writing, used for reporting on regular data-focused events
  • It helps the industries to grow their advertisement through the voice process in AI
  • AI helps to personalize the web and app application
  • Through this, we directly interact with the customer 
  • It’s a trustworthy distributed system in the marketing sector
  • It increases the functionality of the web and applications in a unique way
  • Human intelligence products like chatbots help to directly interact with the customer’s needs and satisfaction.
  • It includes everything that the user wants
  • It has done the process in digital marketing through AI


you can improve your skills by learning online free courses and getting a free earn certificate from them after completing the full topics, on AI IN DIGITAL MARKETING and getting good marks on the quiz. Then after you grab your free online learning certificate of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. share your certificate, on your resume and other document section to higher the chances of getting hired and get ready to personalize the customer with artificial intelligence in digital marketing. To make the resume more attractive through this certificate.

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