UI/UX Design course with free certification

It is a design that approaches the user interface and user experience design. Its design is to learn interactive web and other mobile web applications with UI/UX designs.

UI design is all about creating an intuitive and interactive interface

UX design is all about identifying and solving the user problems  


 It is for the web application and user interface to describe the designing courses. It is best for those who want to continue their field in designing web applications and other design courses. In it, you learn how to create an attractive application for the web, and in your way, you can design the application. They play a vital role to attracts customers. It provides a smooth and functional experience to the user.

For the design, there are so many free-to-use tools like Adobe XD that help to create the prototype and wireframes. With the contribution of prototypes and wireframes. The web and mobile applications we can easily design.

In the session, we learn the introduction and the basics of UI/UX philosophy. Difference between user testing, wireframing, and the prototype study. The process, examples of all the applications, tools used by the customers and the concepts are there, and more.

All the features help you build your career according to your choice in a perfect field and learn more from other sectors that become your professional future.

Quiz in the last after completing all the topics and grab your certificate.


skills you also improve through the free online courses

  •   Introduction to UI and UX design
  • Tools to UI
  • Tools to UX
  • The process of UI/UX design
  • User interface
  • Define Prototyping
  • Define wireframing
  • Increase the ability to learn
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So many topics you covered inside it. Here is the syllabus of all the topics

  • Brief about UI/UX design
  • Introduction about UI
  • Introduction about UX
  • Difference between UI and UX design
  • The process of UI 
  • Define the prototype and wireframe
  • Tools of UI
  • Tools of UX
  • Discussion on UI


to get some benefits through these courses 

  • It makes your application very attractive
  • It increases accessibility and usability.
  • It is a faster and more engaging app.
  • It is a way of convincing the customer to your side.
  • It is very cheap in use.
  • It makes a better relationship between the user and the customer.
  • It gives the customer satisfaction.
  • It helps with customer retention
  • It attracts the customer through the designing
  • It increases the opportunities for revenue generation


image credit : Great learning

You can grab your certificate after completing all the topics. You learned a lot from these free online courses in UI/UX design 

check your learning skills through a quiz. You have two chances to attempt the Quiz and score well. 

 You can share your certificate of UI/UX in your resume and other document sections to increase your chances to hire in a particular field. Through this, your resume makes you more attractive than the others. 

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