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Picking an online course out of thousands of options available across various platforms is quite tough at times. So here we are sharing with you two free courses for learning Full Stack Development and understanding the basics and the advanced aspects of both front-end and back-end technologies. You can easily choose the best suitable option for you by seeing the details of these two courses. The links to the courses are given at the end of the description of each course.

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This web developer course is a guide to setting up a website. Where you will learn about setting up a web business HTML CSS and JavaScript to create your own website. It’s available in both free and paid versions. The free version provides you only Online Video Content whereas the paid version provides a certificate of completion, along with Instructor Q&A. You can try this course for free. Later on, if you want to get the certificate and Instructor DM then you can go for its paid version.


The course contains 5 hours and 17 minutes of on-demand video content.

Course Content:

The Course Contents are as follows:

  • Front-end Web Developer introduction course. (5 lectures)
  • Web Design Web Developer Tools. (10 lectures)
  • Learning HTML. (12 lectures)
  • HTML Practice Coding exercises. (7 lectures)
  • Learning CSS. (15 lectures)
  • CSS Practice Coding Exercises. (3 lectures)
  • Web Design. (10 lectures)
  • JavaScript. (18 lectures)
  • Course Bonus Resources and extra lectures, (2 lectures)
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Skills you will learn:

Through this course, you will develop the skills for creating a website and apply HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So you will fully understand how to create a website along with interactive and dynamic web pages. Also, you will explore tools and techniques to create modern responsive websites. So it’s a complete web developer course covering everything you need to know from scratch.

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This is also an absolutely free full stack development course suitable for freshers, software developers, and testing professionals. Moreover, the best part is its free Certificate of Completion that is awarded at the end of this course. You can attach this certificate to your pŕofessional network on LinkedIn.

Skills you will learn:

This course will let you master Git Command, Angular, Node JS, Maven, Jenkins, Selenium, and Docker. So by the end of this free course, you’ll have comprehensive knowledge about these technologies of Full Stack Development.

Do share your experience with this course in the comment section below. Also, you can share this with your developer mate. Know the JavaScript Libraries you wanted but were not aware of.

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