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Today, developers are increasingly shifting from native to HTML5-based apps. Increase your knowledge to design and deliver innovative services on the Web!



HTML 5 is the fifth and current arrangement of HTML. It has improved the markup unrestricted for documents and has introduced application programming interfaces(API) and Document Object Model(DOM). Features: It has introduced new multimedia elements which support audio and video controls by using <audio> and <video> tags.


Internet usage worldwide continues to grow year after year and the technology used is projected to develop at an increasingly faster rate. Therefore, HTML5 was executed to start addressing these issues to provide a smoother and more uniform experience for web users and developers.

About this course

Want to know advanced HTML5 tips and techniques? This is the course for you! Find out more about the powerful Web features that will help you build great content and apps.

This course is a genuine follow-up of HTML5 Coding Essentials and Good Practices. In this course, we continue the investigation of HTML5-based APIs, but also introduce some advanced features related to HTML5, such as Web elements, advanced multimedia, audio for music and games, etc.

Like in the other course, you will learn by doing, study the interactive examples, and have fun with proposed development projects. One of them will be to build an HTML5 game, so jump in and learn lots!

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At a glance

  • Institution: W3Cx
  • Subject: Computer Science
  • Level: Advanced
  • Prerequisites:

We advise that learners follow the 4 other W3Cx courses that are part of the FEWD program:

  1. HTML5 & CSS Fundamentals
  2. CSS Basics
  3. HTML5 Coding Essentials and Good Practices
  4. JavaScript Introduction
  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated programs:
  1. Professional Certificate in Front-End Web Developer

What you’ll learn

  • Progressive multimedia elements with the Track and Web Audio APIs
  • HTML5 games techniques
  • More APIs, including Web Workers and Service Workers
  • Persistence techniques for data storage including Indexed DB, File System API, and drag and drop


Week 1: Advanced HTML5 Multimedia

  • The Timed Text Track API
  • Advanced features for audio and video players
  • Making tracks on the fly, syncing HTML content with a video
  • The Web Audio API

Week 2: Game Programming with HTML5

  • Basic concepts of HTML5 game development
  • A simple game framework
  • Time-based animation
  • Animating numerous objects, collision detection
  • Sprite-based animation
  • Game states

Week 3: HTML5 File Upload and Download

  • File API and Ajax / XHR2 requests
  • Drag and drop: basics
  • Drag and drop: working with files
  • Forms and files
  • IndexedDB
  • Conclusion on client-side persistence

Week 4: HTML5 Multimedia

  • Web Components
  • Web Workers
  • The Direction and Device Motion APIs

Ways to take this course

Choose your path when you enroll.

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