Learn Intermediate Python: Best Youtube Playlists

Why buy a course when you can learn for absolutely free through Youtube? The only challenge is to find the right one. Now you don’t have to bother even about that. In this article, I have provided some of the most popular and authentic Youtube Playlists that will teach you can learn intermediate-level Python. In order to make you ready for the advanced python as well, these Playlists dive deeper into some of the concepts.

Before we get started if you have not yet completed the beginner level course do check: Complete Python Tutorial Within an Hour

1. Intermediate Python Tutorials

Description: This intermediate python playlist is from Tech With Tim. So, In this series, they have stepped away from beginner programming in Python and moved towards very practical and advanced techniques that one can use in Python.

Modules: So in total, this playlist has just 8 videos with over 200k views. Furthermore, its net playtime is just around an hour. So, if you want to finish learning the fundamentals quickly then this is the perfect playlist for you. Following is the list of videos they have covered:

  1. Intermediate Python Tutorial: Optional Parameters
  2. Static and Class Methods
  3. Map() Function
  4. Filter() Function
  5. Lambda Function
  6. Collections/Counter()
  7. Colllections/namedtupele()
  8. Collections/Deque(deck)

2. Intermediate Python Programming

Description: So, our second playlist Intermediate Python programming is from the channel Sentdex. Moreover, this playlist has around 600k views.

Modules: This playlist contains 26 videos with a net playtime of around 4-5 hours. Following are the titles of videos under this course playlist. Undoubtedly they have outlined and explained a lot of topics individually.

  1. Introduction- Intermediate Python Programmming
  2. String Concatenation and Formatting
  3. Argparse for CLI
  4. List Cimprehension and generator expressions
  5. More on list comp and generators
  6. Timeit Module
  7. Enumerate
  8. Zip
  9. Writing our own Generator
  10. Multiprocessing
  11. Getting returned values from processes
  12. Multiprocessing Spider Example
  13. Object Oriented Programming Introduction
  14. Creating an environment for our object
  15. Many Blob Objects
  16. Object Modularity Thoughts
  17. OOP Inheritance
  18. Decorators
  19. Operator Overloading
  20. Detecting Collisons
  21. Special Methods, OOP, Iteration
  22. Logging
  23. Error Handling
  24. _str_ and _repr_
  25. Args and Kwargs
  26. Asyncio- Asunchronous programming with coroutines.

3. Intermediate/Advanced Python Tutorials in Hindi

Description: Now if you are looking for a playlist in Hindi then this one from CodewithHarry with 13 videos is perfect for you. Moreover, this guy will make you fall in love with learning Python. Also, he illustrates the related practical problems by explaining concepts.

Modules: To learn Intermediate Python you have to go through the following topics in this playlist.

  1. if_name_==”_main_” in python explained : Advanced Python Tutorials in Hindi
  2. *args and **kwargs in python explained
  3. Try, Except, Else and Finally in Python explained
  4. Virtual Environment(venv) in python explained
  5. Iterators, Iterables and Generators in Python explained
  6. List Comprehension and Generator Comprehension
  7. Map, Filter and Reduce in Python
  8. Lamba functions in python in Hindi
  9. Avanced List Slicing in Python Explained
  10. Bisect Module In Python Explained
  11. Enumerate Function in Python Explained
  12. Format Function in Python Explained
  13. Lastly, Join Function in Python Explained


In conclusion, all three of them are brilliant on their own. Though some of the factors that you can consider while selecting anyone are:

  1. Duration: The most important factor that will definetely influence your decision is the net duration of the complete playlist. So you may choose according to your target schedule.
  2. Topics Covered: Also the modules of each playlist has been mentioned above. So that you can compare them at a glance.
  3. Language and Tehnique: Thirdly you can just play any one video among the playlist for a quick analysis of their techniques and methods. Also you may choose on the basis of your preffered language.
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