Free Online Marketing Career Course+Google Certification

so google is a having some awsome courses for digital marketing and after doing these courses we can get a certificate from google which can help us to invest our money and get some passive income. so let’s start with the course

Digital Marketing by google 

Course details of Digital Marketing

     In these courses, we have to complete 26 modules. The duration of these courses is 40 hours and it’s free of cost we have to pay nothing for these courses to anyone.

Course features 

In this course, we are getting self-paced learning and guidance. We are getting high-quality video tutorials for enhancing our abilities.

And unlimited access to this course is given by Google. After completing all the modules of the course provided by google we are getting a valuable certificate from Google

Why get a certificate?

Why get a certificate?
source : google certificate

Improve your CV

Getting a certificate shows employers that you have a clear understanding of the course and they also think that you have a core concept of digital marketing. You can also add the qualifications to your CV because it would highlight them. and you can also upload it to your LinkedIn profile and share it with any visiting company to your college or university.

Find a job

Being awarded a certificate by google shows that you have strong digital skills than any other fellow members that they should motivate you to learn so you are having the advantage to get a job.

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You are motivated to learn: 2 essential qualities in the workplace.

Demonstrating these qualities would help you to improve your chances of finding the dream job you want.

Develop your career in digital marketing

Improving your digital marketing knowledge can help you to improve the opportunity to find a job quickly, get promoted, or start a whole new carrier as an entrepreneur.

                                           How it works

  • Point number 1:- Learn new skills with our bite-sized video tutorials, and they test our knowledge by taking a quick quiz test.
  • Point number 2:- Pass all 40 exams and get the certificate from google.
  • Point number 3:- Download your certificate and showcase your new qualification on LinkedIn or any other platform where you get a job so you can improve your CV.

Skills you will Learn

Analytics and data insights  

 In this introduction to Analytics, we will show you how to collect the data and analyze user data and turn it into actionable insights.

Other ways to learn 


Looking for more advanced training in digital marketing?

Google Career Certificates offers you more depth and hands-on training about digital marketing and E-commerce. In this training, you learn more about the topic.

Who provides The digital marketing certification by Google?

At the time when you would complete all the modules of this course and qualify all the tests or quizzes of modules then only you will be able to download your digital marketing certificate from google garage of fundamental of digital marketing course lading page where you can download your’s certificate.

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