Best Free "prompt engineering" Courses

Best Free “prompt engineering” Courses

Introduction: What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt Engineering is the art and science of developing effective inputs or “prompts” for AI and ML systems, particularly large language models. The goal is to guide these models to produce more accurate, relevant, and contextually aware responses. In essence, it’s about asking the right questions or giving the right commands to obtain desired outputs from the machine.

Scope of Prompt Engineering

With the rapid progress in AI and ML, the scope for Prompt Engineering is vast and promising. It’s applicable in various domains, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), chatbot development, digital assistants, AI content generation, and more.

In NLP, for instance, Prompt Engineering helps in creating smarter conversational AI that understands the context better and provide more relevant responses. In a content generation, it enables AI to create high-quality, context-specific content with human-like fluency.

Moreover, it holds significant potential for improving AI ethics and fairness by helping control AI outputs and reducing biased or inappropriate responses.

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Prompt Engineering Careers and Salary Expectations

As an emerging field, Prompt Engineering offers exciting career prospects. Roles in this area often overlap with traditional AI and ML job titles, such as AI Specialist, Machine Learning Engineer, NLP Engineer, or AI Ethics Specialist.

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While the salary range varies depending on the region and individual’s skills and experience, the demand for professionals with a solid understanding of AI, ML, and NLP – coupled with the specialized knowledge of Prompt Engineering – is increasing. According to Payscale, an ML Engineer’s average salary is around $112,806 per year as of 2023. Given the specialized nature of Prompt Engineering, professionals in this field can expect to command higher-than-average salaries.

The Future of Prompt Engineering

The future of Prompt Engineering looks bright with its potential for influencing AI interaction and shaping the way AI understands and responds to human language. As AI continues to penetrate various sectors, the importance of crafting effective prompts will only increase.

In a world, increasingly reliant on AI for everyday tasks and professional applications, Prompt Engineering will play a crucial role in ensuring AI systems understand and respond effectively to human language and context.


ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

Prompt Engineering

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers by which is offered by Andrew Ng which is also known as godfather of Ai and the Instructor of this prompt engineering course is Isa Fulford (Member of Technical Staff, OpenAI)

what will you learn in this course

  • Summarizing (e.g., summarizing user reviews for brevity)
  • Inferring (e.g., sentiment classification, topic extraction)
  • Transforming text (e.g., translation, spelling & grammar correction)
  • Expanding (e.g., automatically writing emails)


Prompt Engineering is a rising field that is set to shape the future of AI. For anyone looking to make a mark in the AI domain, gaining knowledge and skills in Prompt Engineering might be the key to unlocking exciting and rewarding career opportunities. As technology continues to evolve, so too will the importance and impact of Prompt Engineering.

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