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ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot that is developed by OpenAI. It uses natural languages to create and process human languages into conversational dialogues. nowadays the usage of chatgpt has increased. And due to this demand of prompt engineer. having skills in using chatgpt and prompt engineering opens a new door or career for you. The average prompt engineer salary in USA is in 6 figures and in India its around 16 Lakhs per annum.

Introduction to ChatGPT-

ChatGPT free course

ChatGPT is free of cost and you can access it anywhere, anytime. Here, you learn how to use ChatGPT, its main works of it, and how we can use it for business work cases for the powerful AI tool. Learn the best prompts writing process, and also get the translation of ChatGPT into business value.
It is very easy to use for students as well as other professional businessmen because it gives the accurate answer to any question asked by the users. FAQs related to ChatGPT are also there after the course completion.
Details about the course-

  • Total 8 videos of Introduction of ChatGPT
  • Time takes 1 hour to complete
  • There are 27 exercises in it
  • Approximately 81,730 learners are there

ChatGPT for Beginners: The Ultimate Use Cases for Everyone-

ChatGPT free course

With the help of these, you take your business to the next level. here, you learn from business and personal points of view how the ChatGPT capabilities discover the way to make their business and personal work represented in different ways taken to the next level. best tips to use ChatGPT for growing business. How to make passive income and earn money through chatGPT.
Also learn, how to grow your business to the sky level that nobody can reach there. How, to speed the process of content creation. use ChatGPT in daily life for getting instant, quick, and accurate answers to any question.

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This course contains both paid and free courses. The Paid course contains much more facilities as compared to the free course.

Details about the course-

  • Learners are 23,839.
  • Provide video content
  • Certification of completion
  • Question and answer related to the course

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT-

ChatGPT free course

Nowadays ChatGPT becomes the best AI for everyone as compared to the phone because it gives a satisfactory and accurate answer to each and every question even any difficult question is there. Anyone can use either they are students, businessmen, teachers, and many others can easily use. After regular use of ChatGPT, you become an expert in the use of generating AI tools.
Anyone can access this course even freshers/beginners are there. This course provides you with complete information about ChatGPT how to use it, the process of it, its features, how to use it for professional work as well as personal work, how to grow a business, how to make passive income, and generate money while using ChatGPT, and also very useful for children for studying. FAQs are also for you to look at other questions related to this course.

Free enrollment for this course is already started on 13/7/2023 so, without wasting any further time just grab this amazing course absolutely free. 60,263 are already enrolled so, don’t wait for the time, make your time right by choosing this wonderful course.

Details about the course-

  • It provides a 100% online tutorial
  • For beginners
  • Take 18 hours to complete
  • English language
  • Through this course, your skills are also gain
  • Take 4 weeks, if you have consistency to learn
  • The quiz is also there after completing each lesson
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Building Systems with the ChatGPT API-

ChatGPT free course

It is a short course. It doesn’t take much time to complete. Here, you can learn how to automate your complex workflow in an easy way using chain cells of the model of a large language. You can also unlock your capabilities of development and improve your work efficiency with the help of this short course. FAQS related to this course are also there for you.

Details about the course-

  • For beginners to advanced
  • The time took 1 hour
  • Absolutely free for a limited time

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